Tear Drop Chair contains 64 liters of water – the volume an average human sheds in tears

Tear Drop Chair By Keita Suzuki_1

Symbolism goes a long way in defining a design. But that shouldn’t necessarily take anything away from its practicality. The Tear Drop Chair designed by Keita Suzuki (from Product Design Center studio) follows this dictum to the letter – with the seat only made of a vinyl plastic skin and water ‘stuffing’.

According to statistical data, an average human sheds tears of around a whopping 64 liters in his/her lifetime. The Tear Drop Chair epitomizes this ‘sad’ state of affairs by containing exactly 64 liters (17 gallons) of water – a volume which is contained within a 0.3 mm thick vinyl plastic skin. But this time around, the symbolic scope of sadness is transformed into a practical object; with the substantial volume of water accounting for a flexible seat.

In essence, the ambit of melancholy is turned into a design of happiness that pertains to a collective droplet of a fluid contained within a thin, adjustable enclosure. This end result can not only spark the interest of adults, but also potentially catch the attention of children.

Tear Drop Chair By Keita Suzuki_2 Tear Drop Chair By Keita Suzuki_3 Tear Drop Chair By Keita Suzuki_4 Tear Drop Chair By Keita Suzuki_5

Source: Productdesigncenter

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