Sunn Light allows you to invite the ‘sun’ inside your room

The Sunn Light Bring Sun Indoors by Sunn_1

Some of us may already know about Philips HF3520 light that mimics sunlight for a natural mode of waking up. The above pictured Sunn Light does one better by matching up with the natural rhythm of sun all throughout the year. In other words, it tries its best to replicate the wholesome effect of sunlight inside your house, thus encouraging you to spend those additional times indoor.

In terms of installation, the Sunn Light can be hung from a wall or fitted in a customized manner. The set up light is to be paired with your Android or iOS mobile device (via Bluetooth), which in turn allows the fixture to recognize the latitude and longitude of the location you are in. The sun path of that particular area is mapped by the light – thus endowing the fixture with the capacity to emulate the natural rhythm of the sun for an entire year.

In essence, the light starts off with a diffused illumination mimicking the dawn of the day. The brightness then gets gradually increased to replicate the effects of the afternoons. Finally, the luminosity is reduced for the evening time, while specifically exhibiting a midnight-mode to shed sufficient (yet tepid) light for the tricky navigation adventures from your room to your bathroom.

And in case you want brighter lighting settings, one does have the option of syncing the Sunn Light with the geographical parameters of another sunny location. This handy feature is further complemented by the device’s ability to work in unison with other light systems, like Philips’ hue and LIFX (achieved via a free companion app).

The Sunn Light Bring Sun Indoors by Sunn_2 The Sunn Light Bring Sun Indoors by Sunn_3 The Sunn Light Bring Sun Indoors by Sunn_4

Lastly, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the Sunn Light has already passed its Kickstarter goal, with 4 days still to go (as of writing). The early bird pledge starts from $289 for a smaller unit, and $349 for a larger unit..

Specifications –

Smaller unit comes with 240 LEDs, and maximum output of 3,300 lumens.

Larger unit comes with 330 LEDs, and maximum output of 5,500 lumens.

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