Tempered Glass Windows Replacement: Everything You Want To Know About Tempered Glass Windows

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Windows are essential parts of the home that need attention just like every other part. Installing glass windows not only updates the look of our homes to be in synchrony with current trends, but it also offers the home numerous benefits.

Glass windows will brighten up any space as a result of the ability of glass to reflect light. In the case of glass windows, natural light is reflected deeply into the room to create a bright and comfortable ambiance in the home.

Besides the above, glass windows help you save some money off your energy consumption bills. This is made possible because glass improves the energy-efficiency of your windows, which means you do not spend as much as you used to on energy consumption.

While glass windows are great options, it is essential that you consider upgrading your standard glass windows to tempered glass windows. Tempered glass window replacements offer a completely new world of possibilities for your windows and home at large. 

In this piece, we will take a long look at why a tempered glass window upgrade is long overdue for your home.


Before we delve into reasons why you need to upgrade your glass windows to tempered glass, you need to understand what tempered glass is. 

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass, commonly referred to as toughened glass or safety glass, is glass that has been treated with heat to make it unbreakable glass. Tempered glass is up to four times stronger than standard glass. The strength comparison can rise to be seven times stronger than regular glass depending on the extent of the heat treatment. 

The heat treatment used in the tempering process also alters how tempered glass breaks when met with a considerable impact. Instead of breaking into uneven large glass shards that could harm people around in the case of standard glass, the tempered glass breaks into small, dull, pebble-like pieces that do not pose a threat to anyone.

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Other reasons why you should upgrade your windows using tempered glass window replacements include:

  • Stronger and Durable

Tempered glass is a whole lot stronger than standard glass. The strength of a tempered glass when compared to standard glass is four times stronger than regular glass, and this can rise as high as up to seven times stronger.

This makes it more resistant to damage and breakage. For tempered glass to shatter, it must have been impacted by a tremendous impact that would at least be up to 10000 (PSI) pounds per square inch.

As a result, trust your windows to last much longer when replaced with tempered glass.

  • Improved Safety

This is the core feature of tempered glass windows. They are safer compared to standard glass. As mentioned above, tempered glass is a lot stronger than standard glass, and a huge impact would be required before it breaks.

If your tempered glass window breaks, there is no risk of injury from the breakage. Tempered glass breaks into dull pebble-like pieces that cannot cause harm or injury to anyone present or when cleaning up the mess. This is where the name safety glass as an alternative to tempered glass was coined.

  • Scratch Resistant

Tempered glass window replacements are great for homes and residential buildings. Unlike standard glass that is prone to scratches and damage, tempered glass windows are scratch-resistant. This makes it a great option that is suitable for home use because of the everyday wear and tear that will arise from regular use. Tempered glass will ensure that your windows remain new for as long as possible.


As a result of its safe, secure, and durable nature, tempered glass is used for a wide range of purposes. Apart from upgrading your glass windows to tempered glass, the glass doors in the home can also be replaced with tempered glass for improved safety in the home.

In the kitchen, tempered glass can be incorporated as kitchen backsplash as a durable way of adding some colors and creativity while protecting the kitchen walls. The kitchen cabinets glass can also be upgraded to tempered glass as well.

In the bathroom, tempered glass can be incorporated as well. The glass doors of your shower areas and enclosure can be upgraded to tempered glass panels to increase safety and durability. Tempered floating glass shelves can be installed for extra storage space and ease of reaching needed items.

A great way to incorporate tempered glass in the home is to use them as glass wall partitions. You not only get the benefit of creating more rooms in your home, but glass walls make it easy for you to be creative with your design. They are also easy to reverse should you decide to change your mind in the nearest future.


Several people believe that once there is an issue with the glass window panes, the whole window, as well as the hardware and frame, need to be replaced. Depending on the extent of damage, sometimes all you need to do is to order a tempered glass window replacement.

So long as the hardware of your window and frame are in excellent condition, save yourself some money and replace only the window panes. This makes it easy for you to upgrade and improve the safety of your home without breaking a bank.


You do not have to wait for your window panes to break or get damaged before replacing them. Once you notice the following, it is time for an upgrade.

  • The windows are not closing correctly and become difficult to lock.
  • They have become drafty.
  • You can see visible signs of discoloration.
  • The glass panes are cracked, and there are chips in some places.
  • The design or window style is no longer part of current trends.
  • Condensation has become a problem with your windows.
  • The energy-efficiency has reduced considerably.

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