Tennis Chair by Gabriel Coch gives new Life to dead Tennis Balls

Tennis Chair by Gabriel Coch_1

Designer Gabriel Coch solves the dual purpose with this chair design made from tennis balls. Now while I just came across this design, the first question that came in mind was that why designer opted for used tennis balls in this prototype and my concern got an answer in next 3-4 seconds. Well, the background of the whole story is that in a research which was conducted, it became clear that in US 400 million tennis balls are used every year. Tennis balls have very short life as they become useless once they lose pressure and cannot be used further in the game.
Now the concern is that these Tennis balls are not biodegradable and makes us to think its further usability as otherwise all these tennis balls ends up in landfills. To make picture clearer to you around 2 million balls occupies 747 jumbo jet which has a volume of 32,000 cubic feet. So just imagine two hundred jumbo jets of Tennis balls fill the landfills each year. It was a perfect choice by Gabriel Coch to utilize Tennis balls and finding the most environment friendly material for the frame of this cool-looking, comfortable and therapeutic chair.

Tennis Chair by Gabriel Coch_2 Tennis Chair by Gabriel Coch_3 Tennis Chair by Gabriel Coch_4 Tennis Chair by Gabriel Coch_5

Via: Kickstarter