The 10 creepiest Halloween toilet covers you can get for this October

It is that time of the year when everything creepy, spooky to downright frightful is ‘in vogue’, even a scary Halloween toilet seat cover. But as a wise man once said – toilets remain unappreciated even during Halloween decorations, in spite of being our trusty companions during most days of the year. So, if you are conscientious enough to for make it up to your ever-friendly water closet, take a gander at these 10 spooky yet cheap Halloween toilet covers that you can ‘get your hands on’ before the impending date of 31st October.

Get a Halloween Toilet Seat Cover To Impress Your Guests

1) Ghoul Halloween Toilet Seat Cover Grabber –

Ghoul Toilet Seat Grabber

A hideous, one-eyed monster who is holding own to its life before being flushed down the toilet – Halloween can’t get better than this! We do like the decal’s unsavory teeth and the other gory details (including the ripped-off face on one side) that always seem to stare at the ‘pee-er’ (if you are man!). The blood splattering that nauseatingly extends to the seat also makes for a good case of palpitation for the womankind in your house.

Buy – $5.

2) ‘Little Girl’ Toilet Lid and Cistern –

One-eyed monster makes way for a screaming, bloodied little girl – to notch it up on the ominous, spine-chilling quotient. And we would think – a darkened bathroom that has just been lit up (to answer one’s nature call) would surely magnify the creepy effect. And, lest we forget, the decal also shows its variant of blood-dripping, supposedly from the cistern of the water closet.

Buy – $3.20.

3) Creepy Carnival Toilet Seat Grabber –

Creepy Carnival Toilet Seat Grabber

Monstrous ghoul – check; bloody little girl – check. Now the obvious choice is the scary clown motif that Stephen King had made so famous. However, this particular clown doesn’t have time for niceties, it gets down to the business of frightening you right away with its skeletal visage and popping eye-balls. Adding to the horrid scope is the delightful blood supposedly leaking from the toilet cistern.

Buy – $5.

4) Attack Rat Toilet Topper –

Attack Rat Toilet Topper

Sometimes the less-obvious props are the ones that tend to spook people more. The Attack Rat Toilet Topper follows this dictum to the word with its revolting rendition of the famed rat infestation scenario. The decal comes its own graphic representation of the swirling flush water that tries its best to keep the rats down. And on closer inspection, we can also make out the abominable red eye-balls of the nasty rodents.

5) Creepy Freddy Krueger Toilet Tank Cover –

Creepy Freddy Krueger Toilet Tank Cover

Freddy Krueger…is here…to give you the Nightmare. Okay, poorly conceived rhyming aside, the Freddy Krueger Toilet Tank Cover is a genius contrivance. Taking the entirety of your cistern and more, Freddy seems to be quite happy by being perched behind your ‘shit-zone’. And, that might be a big problem for the faint-of-hearts among us – given Freddy’s penchant for killing his victims with his blade-hands (that are conspicuously a part of the decoration). So, just make sure to not fall asleep in the toilet!

Buy -NA (but you can surely give a DIY twist of your own, by opting for a puppet-like prop).

6) The Hidden ‘Bog’ Toilet Monster –

The Hidden Toilet Monster takes the honor for insidiousness by virtue of its sheer ingenuity. What may seem like an ordinary toilet, comes up with a creepy green creature – that emerges every time you pull up the toilet cover. The mechanism is straightforward – the bog monster’s fingers are affixed to the back-side of the cover that allows it to move up once you pull on the component. And, if green is not your thing, you can also opt for other colors (that depend on their availability in stock). But do make sure to NOT pull the prank on elderly people!

7) Tank Monster – Toilet D├ęcor Sticker –

A bit of creativity with a dash of sneakiness – the Tank Monster is the ‘adorable’ way to spook your kids. Also the decal goes well with other less-dreadful embellishments, if you are not into the horrifying side of affairs. The designers have already mentioned that the sticker is only available in glossy finish (as opposed to mysterious mattes) – which makes it all the more feasible for a kid-friendly Halloween decor.

Buy – $3.

8) Arachnophobia Spider Toilet Topper –

Arachnophobia Spider Toilet Topper

The name pretty much makes it clear – the Arachnophobia Spider Toilet Topper is ‘tailored’ to people with a fear of spiders. Only in this case, the spiders seem to have mutated (with one proudly showing its new-found single eye and teeth) from a green toxic spill in your toilet, which makes it a worry for…well everyone. We like the way how some spiders are dangling their legs outside the false edge of the decal – which does endow the sticker with a distressingly repugnant vibe.

9) Skull and Roses Toilet Seat Cover –

Skull and Roses Toilet Seat Cover

Paying its respect to probably one of the greatest heavy-metal rock bands in the world, the Skull and Roses Toilet Seat Cover does things with classiness, charm and grimness. ‘Guns N’ Roses’ fans will immediately recognize the top hat and thorny red bushes, while the cigar might have been an afterthought from the designers. In any case, the decal does make for a dandy Halloween toilet decor with an air of eeriness.

10) DIY Pumpkin Toilet Cover –

DIY Pumpkin Halloween Toilet Seat Cover

If you are the one to dabble in the purist values of Halloween celebration, the classic Pumpkin motif must be your favorite. And, it turns out – you can make your own DIY Pumpkin Toilet Cover with relative ease. The design should be credited to one Maggie Weldon, as she had painstakingly detailed the entire process in a simple step-by-step manner with even the requirements of materials for the home-made project. Check out the instructions by following this link (the second design from top) and make your own Halloween toilet seat cover!

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