The ‘Congo Squares’ doubles up as your outdoor seat and a chess set

Congo Squares Bench_1

We have harping about interesting outdoor furniture sets for a few days now. But what about an outdoor furniture item that also allows you to gloriously rack your brains in the sun? Well, the fascinating Congo Squares from studio Atelier Astúa, fulfills this exclusive quotient with its combination of a usable bench and a chess set.

The contrivance is designed in such a way so as to account for both the chess board and the chess pieces. In fact, this is where the innovative feature of the Congo Squares really stands out, with its facile mechanism that can be pushed from underneath to make all the 32 chess pieces pop up (16 pieces from each side) from the hidden square recesses.

So, once you have cleared out all the pieces, you can use these flanking areas as simple seats with the chess arrangement in the middle. And, when you have finished your game, you can just as easily store the pieces in your preferred manner, thus adding a dash of dynamism (in terms of aesthetics) to the whole adjustable scope.

Congo Squares Bench_2

Via: Atelierastua

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