The deftly designed Apala bookshelf comes with detachable wall panels

Apala wall shelf by Samuel Accoceberry

Apala wall shelf by Samuel Accoceberry

Given the constraints of smaller apartment spaces, modular furniture is proving to be the future of home decor designing. However, this definitive scope is not only about spatial efficiency. Modular designs endow the users that unprecedented degree of customization, which can be utilized to suit various styles of interior decorations. In this regard, Basque design studio Alki has made a collaborative effort with designer Samuel Accoceberry to create the ‘Apala’: a simplistic shelf with completely detachable (and attachable) segments.

The very phrase Apala translates to ‘humble’ in Basque language. And, this christening certainly alludes to the simple design language of the whole conception. Form wise, the shelf comprises of raw wood components that project out horizontally from the wall background. And, it is this background that poses as the main visual as well as functional element of the Apala.

Crafted from wool materials with a gorgeously red color scheme, the background is divided into individual panel like components. These smaller panels are the modular components of the shelf that can be arranged as per the user’s preference. In simpler terms, the panels can be fixed individually to the walls (as shown in the lower image) to form a ‘fragmented’ style of bookshelf. And if required, they can also be deftly anchored together (as shown in the above image) to form a collective bookshelf.

Apala wall shelf by Samuel Accoceberry

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