The ‘functional’ Aurora Task Lamp combines LEDs with upcycled wine barrel staves

Aurora Task Lamp by Dale Rorabaugh_1

It is often that we talk about Aurora effects and wine barrel staves in the same sentence. Well, design-extraordinaire Dale Rorabaugh has once again gone on a merry LED way with the Aurora Task Lamp, a lighting mechanism that fuses low-impact illumination with upcycled wine barrel staves.

Harking back to the originally successful Project Lumia, the design scope is all about the novelty of re-purposed wood and advanced LEDs. However, this time around, Rorabaugh has ingeniously introduced a brush textured aluminum cylinder into the mix. This according to the designer, aids in the overall ‘diffusion’ effect that mimics the famed natural phenomena of Aurora Borealis. The metallic component is further accompanied with an angled stabilizing arm that adjusts the lamp’s inclination and motion, thus endowing it with a dynamic vibe.

The really groovy part is how this peppy essence is not just limited to the motional attribute of the Aurora Task Lamp. In terms of vibrant lighting, the 12-inch strip comprises of 15 super bright LEDs for better diffusion of the luminous scope that does account for a larger space. Moreover, a remote mechanism can be used to control these lights, which in synchronization with the adjusting stabilizer can surely notch it up on the compelling, dynamic decor.

Aurora Task Lamp by Dale Rorabaugh_2

Interestingly, the Aurora Task Lamp is not envisaged as just a visual set-piece; rather the contrivance is described as a ‘functional art piece’ – since it can be used as a dedicated wall sconce (see the above image). And, at last but not the least, there is also an conscientious side to the whole affair – given the lamp manufacturing process utilizes the rescued wine barrels that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. And, even from the aficionado’s perspective, each wine stave is unique in its texture and impressions, thus endowing the individual lamps with ‘personalities’ of their own.

So, if you are sufficiently interested in the product, do give a gander at the ongoing Kickstarter campaign, with early bird pledges starting from $97.

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