The incredible Million Dollar Blanket might sate your ritzy dreams

Million Dollar Blanket_1

Ever heard the phrase – “waking up feeling like a million dollars”? Well, to be honest, we don’t quite know what exactly does that particular feeling allude to – smelling like money or being happy about money?! But we can assume that the above pictured blanket might help us in our elusive endeavor. Quite unpretentiously flaunting its ‘bling’ of a million dollars, the comfortable contrivance is commercially brought to us by Bandwagon.

Crafted from cent percent polyester, the Million Dollar Blanket is touted to be snug and ritzy at the same time. And, the good part is – the entire thing is also machine washable (as opposed to real money!).

In any case, we could only presume that customers would buy it because of its sheer novelty rather than user practicality. To that end, the Million Dollar Blanket (in spite of its glorious name) will set you back by a mere $20.

Dimensions – 71¼ L x 35¼ W (in inches).

Buy (from Amazon) – $19.99.

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