Petar Zaharinov’s ‘Tapeflips’ furniture allows you to be the architect

petar zaharinov tapeflips furniture

The furniture designs of the future should be attuned to our personalized living styles and spaces. Designer Petar Zaharinov certainly believes in such a user specific trend taking over the realm of home furnishings, as is evident from his line of ‘Tapeflips’. Entailing just two basic materials – paperboard panels and tape, the furniture items hint at the scope of DIY-created decor that would suit our individual rooms and requirements.

In other words, the user is given the power to construct his/her own furniture. The system in itself is pretty simple – you just have to connect the modules of the Tapeflips, and then attach them with adhesives (tapes). And voila! Your personalized design is ceremoniously created – ranging from chairs, tables to even chaise longues and storage cabinets.

And in case you are worried about the structural integrity of these self-constructed furniture systems, the flat-packed Tapeflips paperboard panels are painstakingly chosen for their flexibility, sturdiness and lightweight nature. On top of that the extruded portable surfaces are waterproof and customizable, thus ultimately improving upon the overall DIY quotient.

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Via: DesignBoom

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