The inflatable Aeros Premium pillow fuses both comfort and durability

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Admittedly, we missed out on a few inflatable specimens in our carefully crafted list of best ten travel pillows. And to somewhat make up for that, we have come across the brand new Aeros Premium Pillow, an inflatable travel pillow with high-comfort credentials.

Touted as having the advantages of both durability and snugness, the Aeros Premium is tailored to those outdoor camping scenarios where a good night’s sleep could make all the difference for your next day’s stamina and endurance.

To that end, the outer ‘shell’ of the design is draped in extra-soft brushed 50D polyester knit. This comfortable surface in turn is complemented by a cushioned synthetic fill that pulls away your perspiration during dank night conditions. Finally, the inner most component of the product comprises of an inflatable high strength TPU bladder that gives its shape to the full-blown pillow.

Now, the personalized comfort level is not only depended on the materials of the pillow, but also entails the ergonomic features of the design. In that regard, the Aeros Premium boasts of curved internal baffles that conform to your head with their adjusting undulations. Moreover, the slightly creased bottom edge provides the much needed resting surface for your shoulders, whether you are lying or even sleeping on a chair.

And of course, the best part about a travel pillow is its degree of portability. The Aeros Premium really shines in this field with its ability to be folded into your very palm.

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Available in both regular and large sizes.

Buy – $34

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