The Lie Chair upholds the virtue of multi-functionality and aesthetics

Lie Chair By Andrei Pop_1

We have always been enticed by the realm of multi-functional furniture items. But as the design trend over the years tend to show – combining the aspect of purpose and the essence of aesthetics is not always an easy job. Fortunately, the above pictured Lie Chair hand-made by Andrei Pop, upholds both of the design virtues with its apt use of materials and form.

As we can make out from the images, the Lie Chair comprises of linear bordering components supported by angular components. So, when the furniture is in its default square, it can be used as a conventional stool for sitting. Within this usable scope, the X-shaped diagonal supports account for stylish storage spaces that can easily display smaller household objects or novelty items.

Lie Chair By Andrei Pop_2

Now, given its multi-functional credentials, the stool can obviously be transformed into a variant form – like a flatter table, once again supported by the angled bases (that account for storing smaller items). This morphing ambit is complemented by the sturdy yet waxed Silver Fir wood that forms the core material of the Lie Chair.

In other words, the hand-made furniture maintains its structural integrity, unaffected by the altered forms. This ‘purposeful’ criterion is ultimately bolstered by the minimalist nature of the design – thus fulfilling the unobtrusive, aesthetic value of the end result.

Lie Chair By Andrei Pop_3 Lie Chair By Andrei Pop_4

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