Dutch Lab’s Eiffel cold-drip coffee maker ‘blends’ class and architecture

cold drip coffee maker eiffel

Fusing architecture and coffee making into a grandiose scope, the Dutch Lab’s Eiffel 2000mL cold-drip coffee maker gives wings to elegance. Now, in case you are misled by the name, the studio is actually a Seoul-based company. Nonetheless, the designers have perfectly captured the essence and intricacy of one of world’s most recognizable structures – the Eiffel Tower.

But beyond the visual glory, what really tickles our fancy is how the replication of Eiffel Tower has allowed for a range of ‘cold-drip’ mechanisms that are stacked vertically atop each other for the aficionado-oriented coffee-making sequence. To that end, the entire Eiffel coffee maker eschews electricity (and hot water) in favor of gravitational force for concocting your favorite beverage.

dutch lab eiffel cold drip coffee maker

As we can make out from the images, the top-most glass canister has ‘normal’ water that percolates into the lower glass compartment containing specially-ground Dutch Coffee. The resultant composition (of coffee and water) then finally drips down into the bottom-most glass flask – thus accounting for your cold-drip coffee. The entire process takes some hours to reach its purist conclusion. So, it is always pertinent to start the drip at night, and then enjoy the coffee next morning.

Now, in case, 2000mL seems to be too large for you, Dutch Lab has also furnished their 1000mL and 500mL varieties. Furthermore, if Eiffel Tower is not your favorite, the studio has incredibly created a series of other architecture-inspired coffee makers, with styles relating to Art Nouveau and Big Ben.

Via: MyModernMet

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