The nifty TARDIS toilet comes with its own light and sound effects

Who-style Tardis toilet_1

It is not often that we speak of time traveling and toilets in the same sentence – but the above pictured Doctor Who-inspired contrivance has made it possible, courtesy of the proprietors of Warmley’s Waiting Room Cafe.

Who-style Tardis toilet
Flashing light on top of the Tardis is a sign that someone is using the bathroom

Cheekily touted as the ‘Who Loo’, this TARDIS toilet comes with its own set of illumination features and sound effects, along with of course the conventional yet practical stuff like – the water closet, a sink (with access to hot and cold water) and the ever trusty hand dryer.

According to Justin Hoggans, the owner of the cafe, the entire structure was made by an expert craftsman from York. The accompanying lights and sounds complement this cool replication, and as such the cafe people have some fun with these built-in features.

Some scenarios entail – when visitors take their photos outside the booth (which is quite often), they are given a pleasant surprise by the sound effects that are actually controlled from inside the cafe.

Furthermore, the lighting is regulated by motion sensors. So, when somebody occupies the toilet, the flashing lights illuminate automatically to greet them inside.

And lastly, there is a practical side to the whole mirthful affair. Hoggans has made it clear that there were public toilets that were operated on the opposite end of the TARDIS.

But even they were closed off, which only left this Doctor Who-inspired design to sate the numerous visitors’ “nature’s calls” in the area around the cafe.

Oh, and lest we forget, the new Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi will air on BBC from today!

Via: BBC

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