The origami-inspired Fractal furniture adapts to ‘personalized’ comfort levels

Fractal by Andrea Kac_1

The core relation between a furniture item and a user has always been defined by the comfort factor. But wouldn’t this essence of ‘snugness’ be improved more if the furniture was adjustable at a personal level? Well, Uruguayan product designer Andrea Kac has followed this design dictum with aplomb, as is evident from his utterly flexible Fractal furniture collection.

Inspired by the folding techniques of origami, the Fractal furniture is envisioned as a self-sufficient unit that can adapt to your bodily pressures. This intrinsic degree of flexibility is defined by the arrangement of creases and folds on the paper-like surface. So, during the usage phase, users can easily adjust and arrange various shapes from the core unit that suits their resting posture or purpose.

For example, if they want to use the Fractal as a floor-based seat or chair, they can fold the furniture accordingly to provide more solidity at the bottom base. On the other hand, if they want to transform it into a sleeping mattress, they can expand the specimen along its creases. And moreover, the items are mainly crafted from industrial wool, which rather enhances the durability and rigidity of the adjustable furniture.

As we can see, the uniquely evolving nature of the Fractal is directly influenced by the requirements and pressure generated by our bodies. This alludes to the progression of future furniture designs that might go beyond the confines of conventionality, to directly (and flexibly) cater to our personalized comfort.

Unsurprisingly, the Fractal has won the Bronze A’ Design Award in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category.

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Via: Amueblate

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