The peppy Zazzeri Pop Faucets combine vivacity and gumption

Zazzeri Pop Faucet by Fabrizio Batoni_1

Vibrancy meets practicality – this in a nutshell defines the Zazzeri Pop Faucet, designed by Fabrizio Batoni. The vivacity of the spouts is derived out of a special silicone material that strategically covers the bent portion. The snazzy aesthetics is complemented on the visual scale by the equally stylish handles made out of chrome or brushed stainless steel.

The artful impression exhibited by the Zazzeri Pop Faucet is however not just limited to its color defined bearing. The asymmetrical form factor adds to the spontaneity of the design. So, when we view them in the greater scope of the entire bathroom, the faucets throw a wind of effervescence to the ambiance. In other words, they jauntily proclaim – washing your hands doesn’t have to be a mundane affair.

We also fleetingly mentioned something about the practicality of the Zazzeri Pop Faucets. Well, beyond their vibrancy, the taps boast of a sensitive mechanism. This built-in system not only tracks our water consumption, but also keeps an eye on which family member has a greater propensity to leave the faucets open. This gives you the much needed ‘justification’ to admonish your spouse, while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the sprightly bathroom item.

The combinations of the designs include – tangerine silicone spout and polished chrome base; grey spout and black base; and purple spout and white base. As for the more adventurous decor enthusiasts, such varieties give them the perfect opportunity to mix and match other parts of the bathroom decor (like towel racks, accent walls and mirrors).

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