The secured Chicco MoDe baby seat lets you enjoy family meals in peace

Chicco MoDe baby seat by Design su misura_1

When the houses of DESIGNSUMISURA and Chicco decided to pool in their creative genius, the outcome had to be exceptional. The Chicco MoDe is not any ordinary baby seat, it is designed for the little humans of today.

It allows children as young as 18 months to sit with the parents at meal times and benefit from the quality family time. The Chicco Mode is light weight and it has a compact and sleek design. The seat is slightly squairish with rounded off edges. It comes in the most spectacular bi-color combinations, guaranteed to cheer up the crankiest of the kids.

The company wanted to primarily convey the sturdiness of their product, rather than portraying it as a fun product. It is made with top quality materials.  It a safety creation that will keep your child safe and secure at all times. The height of the booster seat is adjustable and ensures that the child is safely latched on to the dining table.

Chicco MoDe baby seat by Design su misura_2

It has a global fixing system that is easy to attach, to all kinds of chairs by using the straps that are adjustable. It is very easy to install even for mommies, when daddies are not around. Folding and storing is as convenient. The harness belts can be used as carrier straps to carry the seat around. The removable tray also has three positions, so that the child has enough space to move around.

The lining of the seat is very easy to clean, soft and very easy to remove. You can either fix the seat onto your dining table or make the child sit with you and eat in the detachable plastic tray that comes with the seat.

It is very important for all children to learn socializing skills form a young age, in order to grow up into fine adults. The Chicco MoDe, is designed to make meal times more enjoyable and stress free.

Chicco MoDe baby seat by Design su misura_3

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