The Sliding Socket doubles as a switch

Sliding Socket by Abhijeet Das_1

Hundreds of home appliances and products remain concepts and never see the light of the day. One of the newest is the Sliding Socket. The socket is also the switch! According to the designer, Abhijeet Das, the Sliding Socket is an answer to the unwanted socket-switch combination. Subtracting the switch not only saves space but also adds to the beauty of your walls. The user needs to simply plug the appliance in the socket and push the plug downwards to turn it on. Push the plug in the Sliding Socket upwards to turn it off.

The Sliding Socket is ergonomically designed, and even though it is a concept design, it seems quite practical. By eliminating the switch this socket will save the user some money too.

The designer of this Sliding Switch is a Mechanical Engineering student from India who has developed some other unique designs, including a Hydracare bottle, electric sharpener, compact spice box, eyewear, a multi-tool and a squeezer.

Sliding Socket by Abhijeet Das_2 Sliding Socket by Abhijeet Das_3 Sliding Socket by Abhijeet Das_4

Source: Abhijeetscad

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