The Ultimate Buying Guide to Bamboo Towels

bathroom towel guide

Cotton may feel perfect for hand towels, bath towels, your towel sets, and so on. However, they’re not the best. You’ll be experiencing the best hand towel and bath-towel experience which are made of bamboo.

In terms of softness, bamboo towels will provide a luxurious feeling, and pile onto your ultra-soft towel comfortableness with its microfiber. Hence, to know more about picking the best-suited bamboo towels for yourself, keep reading our article!

Why are bamboo towels better than cotton towels?

Though people can still use cotton in the bathrooms, bamboo towels act as a viable substitute. Tests have shown that bamboo fiber is much more absorbent than cotton. This is shocking because bamboo needs much less water to reproduce than cotton.

In comparison, bamboo towels are considered to remain soft for longer. Bamboo and cotton mix towels may be called a substitute for cotton towels. This fabric is comfortable and has exceptional absorption, as well.

Advantages of Bamboo Towels:

The first advantage of bamboo towels is cotton is its absorbance. It still maintains its gentle and fuzzy feel even after several washes.

This towel resists all forms of mold, bacteria, and odor buildups. If you could have sensitive areas on the skin, cotton towels will be a bad option to go for. Bamboo towels, though, are one of the best hypoallergenic products for your skin.

In comparison, bamboo towels are simple to maintain. Since it doesn’t get smashed, snappier, or ripped, it is more convenient because it doesn’t get wrinkled and piled. 

Mostly, bamboo towels are far more ecofriendly. In bamboo species, the water-efficient fibers used to produce the fabric are contained among the plants that required less water to live.

The following are more of the reasons you would want to use bamboo bath towels:

* Outstanding color-fastness.

*Made from a renewable source.

*It lasts longer than most towels.

*A cloth that can be seen in several different forms.

*Also kind to the skin.

Cons of bamboo towels:

Bamboo towels have drawbacks because they are mainly constructed from wood. In reality, some bamboo towels are manufactured haphazardly, creating more carbon footprints than a cotton towel. 

We advise our customers to buy high-quality towels, made safely and from a reputable manufacturer.

Lastly, one point that can be known for bamboo towels is that they are more costly than other alternatives. This appears to be a slight annoyance from quality since the cloth is of decent quality.

Antimicrobial Property Infused Bamboo Towels:

One feature of bamboo towels is that everyone may use bamboo charcoal in it. This results in the fabric possessing antibacterial and antiseptic properties, as well as stopping bacteria growth. Besides, you will have to pay extra.

The charcoal can capture and consume some pollutants. After cleaning, the clothes would be fresh as new.

Points to consider before buying bamboo towels:

Before buying a towel, the consumer must weigh various facets of the commodity. The following factors also apply for any bath-mat, bath sheets, oversized hotel collection towels and so on.

Correct size and weight:

One of the significant concerns you could remember is towel size. If you want a towel that suits you exactly, a large one is better than a tiny one. People typically get towels that are about 30″ x 56″. 

However, tall individuals can search for body towels weighing thirty-three (33) by seventy (70).

You may also shop for such square washcloths crafted from bamboo. Please take notice that the thicker the towel is, the stronger it is. 

This refers to the simple radio equipment inside the towel you’ve received.

GSM Rate:

The mass of a towel is estimated in Grams per Square Meter. This calculation is often used to assess the quantity of document.

The greater the thread count is, the more cotton there will be. In this way, it will also be heavy. Secondly, thin towels typically cost more than thicker towels.

GSMs of bamboo towels are usually about 300 to 900. A towel with a GSM of 300 to 400 is trendy in mid-range hotels.

Meanwhile, towels which are between 400 and 620 GSM are lightweight. It provides the necessary degree of absorbency and weight ratios.

Towels with highest ranking go from 840 to 920 GSM. There are costly towels that are often hard. Wearing this towel helps you feel snug all over.

You may ask what the perfect GSM for bamboo towels is; it depends on how many towels you like. We typically buy mid-GSM absorbency liners because it has the correct combination of thickness and absorption.

Durable sewing:

Often opt for towels that are sewn with two layers of cotton. This way, there would not be any unraveling of the towel’s seams. 

It is safer to purchase a towel that has a double-turned edge to prevent it from fraying quickly.

Responsibilities and maintenance:

You have to be sure that the washing machine can wash the towel. Or else, there will be a problem as some bamboo towels aren’t detergent friendly. 

This reduces the hand washing headaches. The target is to read the tag before placing the towel into the washing machine.

Color and Theme:

This is only a perk. But you will have a preference of color and design that you like. Like cotton towels, those produced from bamboo come in several colors. When a bamboo towel is infused with bamboo charcoals, it’s antimicrobial.

The antimicrobial towels are safer than cotton bath towels and all other kinds of towel sets. You’ll find woven, spun, weave, stripe, and many textured bamboo towel themes on the market. 

Money Value:

Always make sure to look for the offer of the highest deal for your money in a transaction. You need not be affected by the expense at first. Review the value before you buy.

No matter how nice your budget pick is, it is always good to check the consistency first. Often, spending a little bit of extra creates the most significant impact.

Final Words:

Any kind of bath-sheet and wash cloths is durable when it’s made of linen bamboo. After reading this article, we hope you’ve come to know how to pick the best bamboo towel set for yourself. Till the next time, keep reading more!

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