What You Need to Know About Indoor Gardening

interior gardening

For most of us, whenever we hear the word “garden”, we tend to think of outside space. However, indoor gardening is a trend that has been booming. Many people can’t necessarily afford to live in a place with a garden, but they also don’t want to give up gardening. Gardening is quite a popular pastime – it’s therapeutic for a lot of people, and others simply enjoy it as a hobby. That being said, the idea of starting a garden inside your home can be quite intimidating. That’s why we’re here to guide you through it. 

Get an indoor gardening device

Yes, you read that correctly. We told you that indoor gardening is a huge trend, and we weren’t lying. So many people have been bitten by the gardening bug that devices are being designed for the sole purpose of indoor gardening. Most of these come in the form of small gardening devices that can be placed on counters to then grow your plants by using technology to give them the necessary nutrients. To an extent, they maintain your indoor garden for you! Have a look at the AeroGarden to learn more.

Certain plants are better for indoor gardening than others

Of course, not all plants will flourish in an indoor environment. No matter how hard you try, the indoor habitat will never be able to truly mimic that of the outdoors. This is because plants rely on so many different factors to grow – sunlight, water, soil, temperature . . . the list goes on. However, this shouldn’t deter you. There are still plenty of viable options for great indoor plants. We recommend that, if you’re just starting, you opt for plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight, as these will likely adapt to an indoor environment much easier and you won’t have to do as much work to encourage them to grow.

You’re going to need a schedule

Sure, you have to some work with an outdoor garden. But for the most part, you can sit back and let nature do the job for you. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with indoor gardening – you’ll be responsible for your plants. And different plants have different needs, which means you may need to give them water or nutrients on different days, or that some of your plants need to be moved around more often than others. You might think you’ll remember it, but the truth is that to keep track of your plants’ needs, you’re going to need some type of calendar or schedule, at least until you get into the habit of when you need to do what.

It’s a whole different experience to outdoor gardening

It goes without saying, but the indoor gardening experience is very different from the outdoor gardening experience in terms of effort and reward. However, you should try not to compare the two. If you’ve moved from a place with a garden to a place without and now need to make use of indoor gardening, it can be tough. But keep in mind that they are different experiences and that what works for one may not work for the other. For example, revitalizing your garden is very different from revitalizing your indoor garden, but both can be rewarding.

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