Toshiba announces a new line of GaN-on-Si based LED devices

Toshiba announces a new line of GaN-on-Si based LED devices

Toshiba announces a new line of GaN-on-Si based LED devices

Those with a penchant for LED lighting would know something about the much talked about GaN-on-Si technology. Short for ‘gallium nitride on silicon’, the global LED industry is gradually moving towards this substrate-based lighting mechanism due its comparative cheapness and energy efficiency. Moving along this righteous trend, electronic giant Toshiba has just announced its development of GaN-on-Si white LED device for LED lamps, with mass scale production to take place by late December of this year.

Toshiba started out its announcement with core statistical figures that allude the rising predominance of LED lights in the global scale. According to them, the market volume of LED white lights in 2011 was worth of around $8.38 billion. However, by moderate estimates the market has the capacity to rise to a whopping $15 billion by 2016. In this regard, the company aspires to capture at least 10 percent of this bulk, thus resulting in excess of $1.5 billion worth of revenues (in 2016). Their production figures also correspond to this commercial aim with a rate of 10 million units expected to be produced per month.

Coming to the scope of Toshiba’s GaN-on-Si technology, this new lighting series is named as TL1F1 Series (1W). Developed in collaboration with Bridgelux Inc., the fixture is constructed by artificially ‘growing’  GaN crystal on a 200 mm silicon wafer. The dimensions of the individual components as expected are small with 6.4mm length,  5.0mm width and 1.35mm height. As for its illumination output, the a single device would account for 112lm (consuming 350mA current).

GaN-on-Si based LED devices

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