Vietnam’s $15,000 townhouse showcases ‘openness’ in spite of its cramped lot

Where there is a will, there is a way – the dictum is aptly proven by the above pictured townhouse designed by Adrei-Studio Architecture. Situated in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam, the site of the residence comprised of a thin, cramped lot precariously flanked by neighboring houses.

However, in spite of all of such spatial predicaments, the client (a musician) wanted a home for his family that is ‘open’ to nature, while being privacy oriented for the inhabitants. Such nigh contradictory housing needs were ultimately fulfilled by the architects, and that too in a shoestring budget of just $15,000.

The very first design consideration undertaken for the project was the integration of an open courtyard in front of the house. This created the much needed ‘breathing space’ for the structure with the openness directed towards the psychological well being of the inhabitants. In terms of functionality, this courtyard also poses as a makeshift parking area for smaller vehicles.

The other problem related to the lack of openness on the sides of the house (as they are joined to the adjacent buildings). The designers traversed this difficulty by incorporating a set of windows and openings on the front facade of the house that directly connect with the aforementioned courtyard.

There are also numerous other features that make the residence more livable, including – window seats, platform lofts and even under-stair storage systems. These space saving attributes are complemented by vernacular elements like traditional Vietnamese detailing and warm, rustic materials, which finally aids in transforming the building from an efficient house to a cozy home.

Via: WebUrbanist

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