WindowAlert decals can alert wild birds by their ultra-violet glow

Technology does save lives. And, those fortunate lives in this case would be that of wild birds. According to statistics, every year around an astronomical 96 million to 976 million wild birds are estimated to be killed, when they fly into our windows. However, there is still hope for our bantam friends with the introduction of the WindowAlert. The product entails a range of window decals that can applied in our homes, offices and garages. These window emblems can visually alert the birds from outside to safely steer clear of our windowsWindowAlert decals protect Wild Birds From Striking Windows_1

According to the company (which goes by the same name of their touted product), the electrostatic decals have the unique capacity to brilliantly reflect ultra-violet light, which is conspicuously visible to the birds (because they have 12 times better vision capacity than humans). However, this ultra-violet ‘glow’ is not visible to the human eye, thus making the decals almost transparent from our perspective. So, in essence, the decals work as warning stoplights for the birds, and also as unobtrusive decorative window items for us human users.

Coming to the commercial scheme of things, the decals are available in various shapes and sizes, with a pack of four for each individual style. For example, some of the shapes include Leaf style, Butterfly style, Snowflake style and even a Hummingbird style. As for pricing, each packet (with four decals of a particular style) will set you back by just $5.99.

WindowAlert decals protect Wild Birds From Striking Windows_2

WindowAlert decals protect Wild Birds From Striking Windows_3 WindowAlert decals protect Wild Birds From Striking Windows_4 WindowAlert decals protect Wild Birds From Striking Windows_5

Via: WindowAlert

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