Wingin’ it bed combines disorganized visuals with a stable structure!

wingin it bed by brc designs


Many of us architecture students (and aficionados) might have come across the radical concept of deconstructivism. As the name suggests, the scope is characterized by a fragmented chaotic essence, where disorganization serves as the only connection between individual components. The above pictured Wingin’ It bed conception by BRC Designs seems to be inspired by those same ideals, albeit with a dash of practicality. Crafted from a ‘mess’ of variant sized wooden scraps, this conscientious practicality is defined by the recycled nature of the whole product. How so? Well, the wooden scraps in question were actually salvaged from defunct pianos, thus offering them a new functional life which is remarkably beyond the ambit of music.

Structure wise, the wooden scraps were piled together and used as a singular collective base for the entire bed. They were fixed to each other by utilization of conventional wing nuts and bolts. This resulted in a framework that may be disorganized in its visual form, but is sturdily compact in its structural value.

Of course, the top surface would still remain uneven for positioning your mattress over the ‘crooked’ framework base. As a solution, the designers attached (again with wing nuts and bolts) a strong plexi-glass surface that made this section smooth and ergonomic for further cushioning. The final result was the Wingin’ It bed, a unique furniture specimen which remarkably fuses both chaos and stability.

Dimension: 80″ x 60″ x 15″






Via: BRCDesigns

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