Main Drain: An attachable urinal for the ‘straight shooters’

MainDrain an add on urinal_1

When it comes to the realm of toilets, we have been witness to contrivances that shoos away the odor and contraptions that self-sterilize themselves. But this time around, things take a more mirthful and yet practical route (at least for men) with the Main Drain – an attachable urinal that stares at you like a gaping maw.

As one can make out from the images, the product can be attached directly to an existing toilet bowl, and it delivers the ‘contents’ directly into the toilet. Of course, the question naturally arises – the regular toilet also does the same job; so why an extra device? Well, the answer is – the Main Drain is designed for men who like to literally aim and shoot straight, like in a public urinal scenario. In other words, it can reduce the much dreaded splashing, and potentially make your toilet less messy. Moreover, the design can also be used for potty training your kids.

Coming to its installation, the adjustable contrivance can be attached to the bowl by means of a clip mechanism that presumably doubles up as a hidden pipe. Furthermore, its cleaning is also touted to be pretty easy. All the user needs to do is just spray the ‘maw’ with a conventional cleaner, while gravity does rest of the inner-lining cleaning job. However, the designers have still not talked of a solution for the protruding contraption gaping at your face-level, when you are actually sitting upon the toilet (as most of us do while going number 2).

MainDrain an add on urinal_2 MainDrain an add on urinal_3 MainDrain an add on urinal_4 MainDrain an add on urinal_5 MainDrain an add on urinal_6

In any case, the Main Drain is currently going through its Kickstarter funding, with retail prices starting from $45. And in case you are interested, the $50,000 campaign is surely gaining some momentum, with all the early bird special prices (at $35) being already claimed by backers.

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