Flip! cushion cradles us in comfort with its adjustable two-pads system

The Flip pillow_5

Late night movie (and beer) sessions sometimes do lead to those adorable sleepovers in the couch. However, the predicament starts when you wake up next morning with a sore neck or shoulder. Well, design company Unikia surely believes in your well being and good living, and their ‘care’ is manifested through the utterly groovy two-piece Flip! cushion.

The flexible contrivance entails an adjustable pillow that adapts itself to cope up with your specific bodily pressures. The scope of ‘habituation’ is perfected by the dual components of the pillow design. These two padded sections can be arranged into a myriad of configurations to cater to your personalized relaxed state.

And even beyond the multi-faceted nature of usability, the comfy components are safely attached to each other with a simple rope. This must surely be a welcome news for the forgetful ones among us. Moreover, the pads can also be easily detached to serve as individual cushion pieces.

As for other practical advantages of the Flip! cushion, the fabric used for draping is touted to be both durable and removable. This material conveniently unlocks the outdoor functionality, thus making the pillow a perfect accompaniment to those lazy social scenarios by the pools, beaches, park picnics and even weekend camps.

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Price – €49.90 (around $69). For buying, please follow the Flip! cushion product page.

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