10 oddly designed sinks that notch up on the whimsical level

Sexy Legs Sink

Previously in our Hot List section, we had harped about sinks that were designed with Steampunk essence. However, this time around we have decided to go for an assortment of sink designs with the common theme of eccentricity. So, start saying your goodbyes to the traditional curved rectangular forms of your ‘homely’ sinks, as we are about to take a wild trip down the whimsical lane of bathroom fixtures.

1) Aquarium Sink

Aquarium Sink

Yes, it is a real aquarium with real fish; and, it is also a sink! Designed by Italbrass, the transparent glass facade of the basin provides you with a unique perspective of organic marine life every morning you go to the bathroom. And, in case you are worried about the fishes, the sink comes with a full fledged system for water circulation, filtration and oxygenation. Of course, it also comes with an astronomical price tag figure, which reads – $4,700.

2) Sexy Legs Sink

Sexy Legs Sink

If you notice carefully (as we did, though we are not perverts!), each pair of those lovely legs are crafted with a somewhat different pattern. However, the oddest thing about the whole design (which has done its fair share of rounds around the internet) is that we do not know who the designer is, or where the sinks are actually located!

3) Water Dance Sink

Water Dance Sink

The ultimate fusion of gorgeousness and eccentricity, the above pictured conception (designed by Balin Le) is christened as the ‘Water Dance’. Inspired by the magnificence of outlandish natural forms, the basin is actually crafted from a curved marble basin which is fixed to the granite block base. However, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the whole design is not the opulence factor of the materials; but rather the remarkable effect of a cascading waterfall that would occur every time you open the chrome tap.

4) Pipeless Sink

Pipeless Sink

Minimalism at its best; the Pipeless Sink is exactly as the name and image suggests – a sink without any kind of discernible piping mechanism. According to other sources, its working scope entails a slot at the front end of the basin. This small ‘connection’ maintains the flow of water, which is deposed by a system hidden behind the wall facade (instead of a conventional drain pipe).

5) Beer Barrel Sink

Beer Barrel Sink

Yes, you have yet another excuse to flaunt your beer chugging bravado! However, the predicament lies with the fact that this novelty sink design (which is remarkably designed from an actual oak barrel) wouldn’t go well with your other more conventional bathroom decor. But, then again a hefty $1,600 price tag might prove to be a bigger detriment than just regular bathroom decoration woes.

6) The Ripple Sink and Faucet

The Ripple Sink and Faucet

Finally, we have something for the technology enthusiasts in the form of the utterly geeky and cool Ripple Sink. The contraption in question is infused with electromagnetic sensors that adjust the temperature of the water (controlled by the ball along the faucet). So, when the ball is in the hot mode, the LED integrated in the faucet turns red; and when the ball is in the cool mode, the LED automatically turns light blue.

7) Premium Unit Sink

Premium Unit Sink

Remarkably vibrant in its composition and fascinatingly dynamic in its bearing – this is the Premium Unit Sink conceived by Japanese artist Tetsuya Nakamura. The sink sculpted from fiber-reinforced plastic, actually belongs to a bathroom collection, which also includes a tub and a decorative column. And, as far as aesthetics is concerned, the abstract form of the conception is draped in vivacious hues of fluid colors that alludes to the essence of speed exhibited by a stationary object.

8) Outdoor Guitar Sink

Outdoor Guitar Sink

This custom-made sink was actually conceived for a client who wanted a novelty piece adorning the backyard of his house. And, oddly enough, the guitar-shaped basin is not the only exceptional feature of the design. The rustic cabinet upon which the sink is housed was actually built from recycled wood conscientiously salvaged from dilapidated homes.

9) Zen Garden Sink

Zen Garden Sink

Canadian designer Jean-Michel Gauvreau has contrived the above pictured Zen Garden Sink, a bathroom component that strangely grows your plant from the wasted water provided by your hand washing activities. But we shouldn’t worry too much about the soapy ‘hard water’ affecting the plant life. The sink integrates a built-in system that filters the soap, thus nourishing the plant from the regular mineral constituents of the water.

10) ‘Poor Little Fish’ Basin

'Poor Little Fish' Basin

We started out our list with a fish-based conception, and finally the ‘poetic circle’ comes to an end with another aquarium sink design. However, this time around, the contrivance provides us a with a twist – once your start washing your hands by turning on the tap, the water level from the fish bowl gets gradually reduced, thus threatening to kill the fish. Now, before you think of it as some militant form of water conserving, the water from the fish bowl actually has no connection to the mains pipe supplying the tap (in fact, the bowl is supplied by a separate reservoir that automatically fills up the container even if you sadistically try to kill the fish). So, basically, it is just a gimmick that symbolizes the harmful effect water-wastage on organic lifeforms.

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  1. GoddessJen says:

    The sexy legs sinks are in Beijing, China at the Ching Pavillion Restaurant & Lounge. It used to be a nightclub. If you Google images, you will find it. I have taken pics of them with my own camera, but they aren’t posted on the internet.

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