10 hi-tech items that improves your bedroom’s modern credentials

Glowing Fiber-Optics bed cover

A few days ago, we discussed about some simple modernist decor ideas for your bedrooms. And, now you can notch up on this contemporary quotient with equally modern accessories and appliances that would serve you aesthetically as well as functionally. Ranging from ambiance controlling LED lamps to advanced pillow mechanisms; the designs are certainly varied in their scope. So, without further ado, let us go through this list of high tech items that could take your bedroom to a next level of comfort and innovation.

1) Sound Oasis therapy pillows with built-in speakers

Sound Oasis therapy pillows with built-in speakers

A bedroom starts with a bed, and a bed starts with pillows. So, as a first step to hi-tech living, you can opt for pillows that are imbued with dollops of technology and practicality. The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy Pillow is a good candidate for such a lifestyle. Made from hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill and draped in soft brushed covers for comfortable head-resting, the item is also infused with two ultra-thin speakers that can ‘lullaby’ us to sleep by playing our favorite tunes all throughout the night. And, as a usability convenience, these speakers are removable, so that we can easily the wash the pillows when required.

2) Sleep Dome futuristic bed

Sleep Dome futuristic bed

In our modern era, the function of a bed should go beyond its capacity as just a sleeping mattress. In this regard, we have come across the Sleep Dome (from Outbound Studios), a futuristic bed that has its own semi-circular control panel for regulating a range of utilities. These user-oriented attributes include a fan for keeping your cool, an integrated sound system that caters to you personal taste in music and finally a full spectrum lighting mechanism that mimics sunrise to wake you up in a ‘natural’ manner!

3) Glowing Fiber-Optics bed cover

Glowing Fiber-Optics bed cover

Drowsily tottering to your bathroom in the middle of the night, and then accidentally stepping on your unsuspecting pet dog’s tail – it has happened to many of us good folk. Well, quite remarkably, the solution might come in the form of your bed cover. Designed by LumiGram, the bed covers are illuminated by fiber optics embedded within their threads. This gives them an ambiance of a subtle ‘spread out’ glow that is not blinding to your eyes. However, they are sufficient enough to guide you from your bed to your bathroom while preventing you from harming any innocent creature on the way.

4) Ferreol Babin’s Lunaire wall lamp

Ferreol Babin’s Lunaire wall lamp

All this talk of illumination and glowing brings us to our next entry – a dedicated LED lamp for your bedroom that also doubles up as an ambiance controlling system. Designed by Ferreol Babin, the wall-mounted conception actually replicates the natural phenomenon of eclipses with its light diffusion mechanism. The result is a range of lighting effects that are practical as well as aesthetic in nature. These endow your bedroom with a myriad of ambiance options that either suits your mood or your need.

5) LED ceiling lights by Seo Dong-Hun

LED ceiling lights by Seo Dong-Hun

Those with a penchant for creating and painting might try their hand at ‘LED drawing’. Contrived by Seo Dong-Hun, the interactive conception entails an array of color LEDs (along the bedroom’s ceiling) that brighten up or dim, as you move your ‘light brush’. This hand-held mechanism acts as your control device, which allows you to create a symphony of vibrant lighting effects by just the flick of your wrist.

6) Solar Powered Shades from Somfy

Solar Powered Shades from Somfy

Till now, we were harping about artificial lighting systems that improves upon your bedroom’s illumination and decor. But what about natural lighting and its effulgent effects? Well, worry not, as Somfy offers a plethora of motorized shade options for regulating and optimizing the induction of natural light. One of among even entails a solar powered mechanism that generates DC (direct current) for its battery charging. This ‘clean and green’ power is then used to activate the window shades.

7) The Invisio Transparent TV by Michael Friebe

The Invisio Transparent TV by Michael Friebe

Touted to combine the technologies of both LCD and TOLED displays, this state-of-the-art television set (from Loewe) has every potential to pose as your bedroom decor’s crowning glory. Exhibiting a clearly transparent form, the frame-less screen blends seamlessly along the wall’s facade. The design however is still in its nascent stage, with the good news being – Loewe is in talk with Apple, which could possibly lead to a futuristic transparent HDTV from Apple.

8) Philips ShoqBox SB7300 Bluetooth Speaker System

Philips ShoqBox SB7300 Bluetooth Speaker System

Powered with four speaker drivers, the ShoqBox SB7300 from Philips connects with any Bluetooth enabled device (like your smartphone or laptop) to dole out your favorite music. The system also features built-in mic through which we can make both phone and video calling. And finally, as the ultimate convenient music system, you can remotely control the ShoqBox’s various functions from the cozy comfort of your bed (by virtue of the speaker’s front end being embedded with smart sensors).

9) ‘Voice Controlled’ Whisen Air Conditioner from LG

‘Voice Controlled’ Whisen Air Conditioner from LG

Shout from your bed, and the air conditioner automatically changes its temperature settings – this in a nutshell describes the primary advantage of the Whisen Air Conditioner from LG. Of course, the advanced scope doesn’t just stop there. The device also features NFC technology, which would allow you to control the air conditioner by tapping your smartphone. Furthermore, the mechanism comprises of a built-in camera that improves upon the security credentials of your bedroom.

10) Remotely controllable ‘Wattio’ electricity saving solution

Remotely controllable ‘Wattio’ electricity saving solution

Our previous nine entries dealt with accessories and appliances that would transform your bedroom into a modern, hi-tech wonderland. However, our last entry deals with an electricity saving solution for all these aforementioned devices. Christened as the Wattio, the ‘solution’ comprises of a collective product line that includes a user interface, a thermostat, an energy monitor and a range extending plug. And, the greatest feature of Wattio entails a common mobile phone app that gives you remote access to all these mechanisms.

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