10 zesty kitchen accessories that would make your day

A kitchen has always remained a ‘sacred’ space for preparing food and a small yet intimate family dinner at the end of each stressful day. Suffice it to say; our kitchens pertain to our daily habits set within a familiar agenda, and as such things have a way of taking the monotonous route. Fortunately, we have comes across a few peppy kitchen accessories that stand out by virtue of their effervescence and efficacy.

So, without further delay, let us check out ten such groovy kitchen accessories that might just put a smile on our faces, of course along with dutifully helping us with our cooking chores.

1) Fixie Pizza Cutter –

Fixie Pizza Cutter_1

Pizza is unhealthy, biking is healthy! But why would you care about this symbolic antithesis displayed by Fixie Pizza Cutter by doiy?! Rather the user should be satiated by the effective ‘wheels’ that smoothly cut through pizza dough, while also exhibiting their chic vibrancy in dual colors.

Buy €17.95 (around $24.75).

2) Butter Grater –

Japanese made Butter Grater_1

For many of us (including Bilbo Baggins) spreading butter over too much bread has always taken a bit of an effort. Well, the Japanese have ingeniously thought a way around it by devising the Butter Grater. The contraption (with removable parts) churns out fluffy twirls of light butter ‘threads’ from the unwieldy, solid butter blob, thus making a great ‘saving grace’ accompaniment to your burned toast or salty cracker.

Buy – 2,415 yen (around $23).

3) Valek rolling pin with engraved patterns –

Valek rolling pin by Zuzia Zuber_1

Decorative patterns on home-made confectioneries always equate to a hit birthday party. And fortunately, the Valek rolling pins from Etsy seller Zuzia Zuber, with their default laser-cut engravings would surely help in your friend-making endeavor. The nifty accessories come with various adorable yet intricate templates, including – burger with fries, dinosaurs and exclusive personalized names.

Buy – $49.55 to $63.71

4) Spicy Magnum knife set –

Spicy Magnum Knife Set_1

Knife stands posing as vivacious kitchen sculptures – this in a nutshell defines the Spicy Magnum knife set from Enrico Albertini. These tapering colorful holders are crafted from ABS rubber, which makes them both durable and safe. There is also a functional side to the vibrant affair, with the different knife types pertaining to their individual purposes, like – special knives for meats, apt knives for fish carving and simple knives for breads.

Buy – €89 (around $120) for a set.

5) Little Big Trivet –

Wooden Little Big Trivet by Byamt for Areaware_1

Conceived by Alissia Melka-Teichroew (of byAMT studio), the Little Big Trivet is a delightful wooden contrivance for safely keeping your hot containers and pans on the counter-tops. The high insulation property of natural beech wood comes in handy for dissipating the physical heat. Moreover, the peppy dowels can adjusted and arranged to make room for bigger containers.

Buy – $20

6) Science-themed cutting boards –

Scientific Cutting Boards_1

Heisenberg would have been proud of the above pictured cutting board! And it’s not just limited to the Periodic Table. The charmingly designed themes from Elysium Woodworks also include – the eternal Pi, the Solar System and the Golden Spiral, thus covering symbols from chemistry, astronomy to pure mathematics.

Buy – $35

7) Sugar Skull Spoon –

Sugar Skull Spoon_2

Made from high-quality stainless steel, and laser-etched with a hollow skull shape, the Sugar Skull Spoon by Hundred Million studio goes a long way in bringing up the adage – life ain’t all sugary! So, while you take your extra spoonful of sugar for that cup of coffee or tea, do give a gander at the ‘cutely macabre’ skull staring at your visage.

Buy – £8 (around $13).

8) Moo Mixer –

Moo Mixer – An effective chocolate milk blender that ‘moos’_4

Still enticed by the prospect of an ample glass filled with warm and smooth chocolate milk? Then your should try out the groovy Moo Mixer that efficaciously mixes those dense chocolate syrups with the pristine white milk. The machine induced whisking results in a nigh perfect blend, which is in fact tailored to all types of milk-based concoctions, ranging from hot chocolates, shakes to lattes.

Buy – $14

9) Pop Art Toaster –

Pop Art Toaster

Coming with its set of stencils for imprinting popular phrases and images like ‘Bite Me’ and smiley face, dabbling with the Pop Art Toaster would surely be a great way to begin your day. And of course, these stencils are removable; so that you can go back to making your mundanely regular toasts in your usually gruff mood.

Buy – $50

10) Bamboo-made B.O.B set –

Bamboo-made B.O.B set

Combining the functions of both a cutting board and a bottle opener, the Bamboo-made B.O.B board serves you even during your weekend camping trips up in the wild. In fact, the bamboo material boasts of high strength as well as anti-microbial properties, while the bottle opener flaunts its durable ABS plastic and a stainless steel plate.

Price – $20 (Kickstarter link).

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