Cyclean: A handle rail for transportation systems that cleans itself

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In spite of modern-day hustle and bustle, many of us urban dwellers have surely given a panicky thought about those germ-prone hanging rails in public transportation systems like buses and subways. But wouldn’t it be just dandy if these rails were kept clean throughout its life-cycle? Well, a group of designers (Li Jiyang, Liu Tao, Qiu Zhen, Zeng Jiayu and Zhou Shen) have ingeniously concocted a solution in the form of the Cyclean. These conceptual (Red Dot winner) handles boast of rotating mechanisms that help in disinfecting the holding straps as they go around.

The working scope of the Cyclean system is pretty straightforward – the straps go through their covers (at the top of each handle) that comprises of an internal system of sponges, brushes and cleaning agents. As a result, the straps are efficiently cleaned as they rotate via the cover.

The Cyclean handle components will further flaunt their detachable designs. This will allow the public transportation personnel can easily access the inside of the cover, and regularly replace the sponges and disinfecting agents.

Of course, our interest in the innovative ambit is not just limited to the scope of transportation. Such self-cleaning handle straps can also be employed in our domestic realm, especially in bathrooms and toilets that have multiple users. And, considering the Cyclean is made flexible and stretchable; that would surely usher in a viable bathroom aiding component for  elderly and different enabled people.

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Via: Discovery News

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