The modernistic One-o-One Travel Mug commemorates Taipei’s renowned skyline

One-o-One Travel Mug by Hangar Design_1

Traditional Chinese travel mugs are known for their handcrafted nature that exhibit both ceramic and wooden materials. But what if the heritage was given an ‘update’ with the inclusion of modernistic motifs? Well, the One-o-One Travel Mug (conceived by Hangar Design) for Taiwanese brand Acera treads this contemporary design path, with its commemorative depiction of Taipei’s renowned skyline dotted with skyscrapers.

The prefix ‘One-o-One’ comes from Taipei 101’s acronym, which held the record title for the world’s tallest building for many years, before the advent of Burj Khalifa. More interestingly, the Taipei 101 is also the world’s tallest green building with its rare LEED Platinum certification.

Lastly, upholding its travel mug credentials, the One-o-One is tailored to modern day traveling nomads; many of whom who have to globe-trot on a regular basis for their businesses.

One-o-One Travel Mug by Hangar Design_2 One-o-One Travel Mug by Hangar Design_3 One-o-One Travel Mug by Hangar Design_4

The symbol-laden mug will be unveiled at the Fuori Salone 2014 in Milan; and exhibited from 8th to 13th of April.

Via: Fubiz

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