Transamac outdoor beds takes your relaxing mode to a meditative state

TRANSAMAC BED by Belanka_8

‘Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy’ – the spring is upon us, and so is the time to bask in the glory of the emerging sun. French design company BELANKA knows this too well, as is evident from their perfectly tailored Transamac collection of outdoor beds (designed by Daniel Le Normand) for those carefree relaxing sessions of the Sunday mornings

Upholding their ‘suspended’ design credential, the bearing of these outdoor beds combines the essences of both comfort and durability. Pertaining to the latter quality, the furniture items are crafted from sturdy steel arrangements and then treated with rust resistant coating.

TRANSAMAC BED by Belanka_9

As for the comfort level, the personalized scope is related to the outdoor experience on the bed. For example, the slim volume of the hammock-like mattress allows the user to sway in a tepid manner, thus endowing a feeling of weightlessness. This sedative experience becomes more intrinsic when the user closes his/her eyes and proceeds onto a meditative level.

Of course, the features of Transamac are not limited to just aiding our intangible psychological state. The usability factor is also taken care of with a simple storage unit beneath the flexible mattress. Furthermore, users can opt for various customized additions, like the inclusion of mosquito nets, curtains, shades and even a waterproof tarp. Such enhancements could rather improve upon the state of relaxing in the outdoors, be it in the backyard garden or in the beach.

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