3 alternative ways to modernize your home

modernize your home

If it’s been a while since your home has undergone any kind of upgrade, you may be thinking of giving it a makeover. It can be hard to envisage what your home could ultimately look like, so spend a bit of time scouring the internet before you begin. Instagram and Pinterest in particular, are a great source of inspiration for color schemes, home décor ideas, and the overall mood of a room. 

Aside from décor, there are many other things you can do to transform your home into a space that feels modern and current. Here are 3 alternative ways to modernize your home.  

Smart home technology

Smart home technology is a range of devices and appliances that can be automatically controlled by voice or via an app regardless of your location. Whilst smart home technology isn’t essential, it’s a great way to modernize your home with the latest technology. Smart heating thermostats allow you to control your heating and hot water straight from your phone even when you are out. 

Another great smart home option is a smart doorbell. It has the standard function of a normal doorbell, but a built-in video allows you to see who is visiting so you can decide whether or not you want to answer. Smart speakers allow you to play music throughout your home and use voice control to pick the tunes you want to listen to. Updating your home with a range of smart devices will not only modernize your home but could make your life simpler too.

Upgrade your lighting 

Lighting can transform a room and change its mood in an instant. Adding lots of LED lights to a kitchen ceiling, for example, will provide a more modern feel and could save you a lot of money too! According to Gescan, an electrical wholesaler based in Canada, LED lights can last you thousands of hours, which is a lot longer than the incandescent bulbs that typically last a few months.  

Adding layers of free-standing lighting to your room by way of tall lamps and table lamps enables you to create a range of looks depending on the mood you are going for. Dimmer switches are a great way to make a room feel more warm and homely. With a bit of forethought (and a good electrician), the way you light your home can make it feel far more modern.

Out with the old

When you live in a home for a long time, you can accumulate and inherit lots of “stuff” which, over time, can make a room look tired, dated, and mismatched. Review the contents of your room and determine what can stay and what needs to be replaced or discarded. Minimal belongings, coupled with a few pieces of new furniture or some modern wall art, might be all your room needs. 

So, before you spend hundreds on wallpaper, paint, and a professional decorator, it’s a good idea to figure out if that is, in fact, the issue. You might find that all your room needs is a fresh pair of eyes and a good declutter. 

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