The smart iBell allows you to see your guest from any part of the world

Smart iBell doorbell_1

The ringing of the doorbell entails one of the very few scenarios where we genuinely DON’T hope for a surprise. Who among us would want to open our door to a total stranger?! Fortunately, there are some smart solutions like the iBell that solves your ‘guest-welcoming’ predicament with ease. The gizmo is envisaged as a WiFi-connected video-capacity doorbell. In other words, the doorbell can directly connect to your smartphone (via internet) to show you a live feed of your guests on the front door.

Touted as the very first smart doorbell design from United Kingdoms, the iBell is billed to be crafted from the ‘finest’ materials that are bolstered by a weather proofing system. Additional internal components include a Full HD capacity camera, a rechargeable Lithium battery and a two-way audio system comprising of speaker and microphone.

As for its software credentials, the iBell is dependent on internet connectivity – which means you can access the live-feed of your front door (or even talk to the guest) from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or computer. This incredible remotely accessible range includes your family members, with the doorbell’s capacity to pair multiple mobile devices. Moreover, the usability scope is further complemented by advanced features such as motion sensing, night vision, cloud storage and an easy installation attribute.

Smart iBell doorbell_2

Lastly, as for the commercial side of affairs, the iBell is currently going through its crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign with the retail price expected to be around £170 (or $290). You should also check out the early bird specials with reduced prices of £145 to £161.


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