Sylinteri a floor lamp, table lamp, ceiling lamp and more

Sylinteri lamp by Fernando Tejada_1

The biggest disadvantage about lamps is that they tend to shed light only on a limited space. In the case of a power cut, this would mean utter chaos with everyone trying to crowd around the lamp. Not with the Sylinteri Lamp though! This innovative lamp allows each individual his/her share of the light with no issues. Better yet, you can also adjust the lamp’s height that suits him/her best.

Created by Industrial Design Engineer Fernando Tejada, the Sylinteri Lamp is a work of art in itself. The ambient light makes use of a unique rotating system to redirect the light beam according to requirements of the user. The rotating module makes it easier to twist the light in a specific direction in order to redirect the light beam efficiently.

Another versatile feature of the lamp is that it is highly customizable. This means you can stick to the basic module or build over it to create fascinating modules of different arrangements and heights. As such, you have a lamp that can make the transition from a table lamp to a ceiling lamp effortlessly.

The lamp did pose its share of challenges to the designer though. One of the main challenges was to find a way to connect the various modules with the basic working assembly. Another challenge was to maintain the flow of electricity throughout the entire module. The answer to both these challenges is a circular electric connection that would connect the poles between different modules. The modules also house circular strips of conductive material from one end to the other, which accommodates the connectors.

Made of a mixture of materials, including polyethylene, steel, wood, aluminum and rubber, the Sylinteri is one of those incredibly versatile lamps you definitely would love to have in your home. From being a floor base lamp and a table lamp to extending up to the ceiling to become a ceiling lamp, this light can do much more.

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