Treadmill Desk allows you to ‘run’ while working on your desk!

The age old excuse of not being able to exercise due to work might not ‘work’ anymore. This is because we have fortunately (or unfortunately for some) stumbled across the Treadmill Desk, which as the name suggests, is a work desk combined with a full fledged treadmill.Treadmill Desk

The top section of the Treadmill Desk (i.e, the workspace) has sufficient dimensions of 72 by 34 inches, for your office oriented stuff. The arrangement also comprises of different zones like a manuscript holder, three-level file folder, along with telephone/headset stand and cup holders – for a full-on workspace experience.

The treadmill as expected is integrated at the bottom section with convenient adjustability features, This includes a height adjusting attribute which allows users from 5 feet, 4 inches to 6 feet, 4 inches to customize the depth of the mechanism. Moreover, the Treadmill Desk has the capacity for carrying 55 pounds of equipment in addition to the weight of the user.

Price: $479

Via: GadgetMatrix

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