5 Essential Safety Products That You Should Have In Your Home


Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home, although regardless of where you live and how high-end your security system is, break-ins can still happen. Unfortunately, even the most secure automated alarm systems that consist of innovative security gadgets have failed to keep intruders out. Even though your chances of a home break-in will decrease significantly when having an extensive security system installed, you can still do more to plan for the unfortunate event of a home break-in. 

There’s no doubt that every homeowner, tenant, and parents’ biggest fear is having their home broken into when they are inside the house. Being confronted by criminals is an undeniably traumatizing experience; regardless of who you are, the situation can be life-altering in the most negative way. Fortunately, the more you do to secure your home, the more you decrease the odds of experiencing such a devastating situation. So while you should invest in the best security system for your home, you should also keep these essential safety products in your home.

Pepper Spray Gun

A pepper spray gun is a non-lethal self-defense device that is great for warding off attackers no matter where you are. It is an essential safety product to keep at home as a last resort should your security system fail to keep intruders out. This device is perfectly safe to keep around the house in various accessible places, such as next to your bed or near the front door. However, you should still conceal the device to keep it out of reach for children while also keeping it away from potential intruders. With that said, pepper spray is highly effective at disabling intruders for quite some time, as when sprayed in the eyes of an intruder, and they will be temporarily blinded. The pepper formula also burns quite a bit, so you will be able to take control of the situation without fatally or permanently harming the intruder.


A simple flashlight may not seem like an essential safety product, although these are not just handy for camping trips or checking under the hood of your car when there’s a problem. You can also use a flashlight to scare off intruders as they may have targeted your home by assuming that it is vacant. It is ideal to have a few around the house, in a few accessible places, to have one on hand no matter where in the home you are at your time of concern. It is also wise to keep spare batteries alongside each flashlight in your home while also testing the flashlights regularly to ensure they will be working when you need them the most. 

Portable Panic Button

Every alarm system is different as some have fixed panic buttons that are installed in various locations of the home while others are connected to a portable panic button. Regardless of the type of alarm system you have, it is crucial to have a mobile panic button, even if you have to spend a little extra on your monthly subscription. A great alternative to the portable panic button that is perhaps more innovative and easily accessible is a smartphone panic button. This is an innovation in security technology, and it is often a downloadable app that is then connected to your home security. Because most of us always have our smartphones with us, it is the best way to stay secure while at home.

Night Lights

While night lights are great for young kids who battle to fall asleep, they are also great for preventing late-night falls and even enhancing your home security. You can install touch sensor night lights in your home that will turn on and possibly scare off intruders as they realize your home is not vacant. In addition to night lights, outdoor sensor lights are also essential. Outdoor sensor lights are often enough to deter criminals before they enter your home while giving you some time to note the movement in your yard and contact authorities in time. So be sure to have a few installed around the outside of your home if your security system does not include sensor lights.

Stun Gun

A stun gun can be kept around the home as an alternative to a pepper spray gun or an additional safety product. Not only are these defense devices not lethal, but they are also affordable and effective enough to disable an intruder for a few moments, long enough for you to gain control of the situation. If you have any children, it is also best to keep any stun guns concealed and out of reach from curious hands. Although, before you purchase a stun gun for your home or to carry with you when you leave the house, be sure to check the local laws as they do differ, and some countries do not allow the use of these non-lethal self-defense devices. Regardless, they are proven to be highly effective defense devices.

There are various other safety products on the market that you can keep in your home to enhance your security. With that said, simply having ample security features in your home is enough to leave you with the absolute peace of mind that you need to sleep well, knowing your home and your family are safe from intruders. The more security features you have, the more your risk of a break-in decrease. What’s more, security systems and features will also reduce your monthly home insurance premiums as your home will be less at risk on paper too. 

It would be best if you also adopted a safety-conscious way of living to further decrease your risk along with installing and purchasing security features. Safety-conscious living includes always locking the doors, keeping your windows closed at night, never leaving a spare key under near your front door, and various other habits. Such habits are highly recommended regardless of the level of security in and around your property.

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