6 Things That You Didn’t Realize Could Invalidate Your Home Insurance

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You’ve done a lot to protect your home and make sure it is safe. You have smart locks to make sure nobody can get in and use a doorbell camera to see if anybody is trying to get in. 

A top of the line security system rounds out your home safety to keep your valuables secure and your peace of mind with them.

Yet, there are some things you are doing that can invalidate your home insurance without even realizing it. No matter what measures you take to stay on top of things, if something happens to your home and you are doing some of the things that insurance companies don’t like, then you may be out of luck. 

In this article, I will go over several of those things you can’t do and still keep your insurance valid.

Sharing vacation pictures on social media

It is natural to want to share your vacation pics with your friends and family. But, wait until you get back to do so. If you are taking selfies on the beach and bragging about there not being a cloud in the sky, then thieves take notice.

If the insurance company takes a look at your social media accounts, then they may not pay out any damages. Though they may not say anything specific about posting selfies on vacation they do cover that under the umbrella of “taking proper care”. They may see it as irresponsible.

Prolonged absence

It’s ok to go on vacation. You won’t be penalized for that by your insurance just for going away. Where they draw the line is if your home seems vacant. 

People scout neighborhoods frequently to see who hasn’t been around for a while. Sure, you can do things like stop getting mail and newspapers so they don’t build up and tip off a would be robber. 

But, if you are gone for over 30 days and your house gets broken into, then the insurance company may see this as a valid reason to either avoid paying out your claim or paying less than they would if it were more random.

Installing pet doors

You may not realize how much easier your house is to break into by trying to make your pet’s life easier with these doggie doors. It is at least advisable to let your insurance know if you plan to install them so they can give you some advice.

It may not seem to be a big deal, but a thief may find a way to get enough of an in to break into your house through those doors.

Exaggerating your assets

This really should count as fraudulent behavior and not just an innocent mistake. If you inflate the value of your assets and then something happens you can lose out on your claim. 

Make sure your accounting is as precise as it can be and you are not trying to pull one over on your insurance company. 

Making changes to your security system

This is very easily overlooked, but your policy hinges on the security system you had in place when you started the policy. Changing the system requires letting your insurance provider know as your policy may change with it.

Failing to let them know can result in losing your policy and not being paid for damages if you are robbed. 

Having a boarder

Check your policy before renting out a room as it can void your policy. Insurance companies see a tenant as a risk that may invite a robbery. 

Even if you know and trust the tenant, you should check with your insurance company before you decide to rent out a room in your home.

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