Alarm Clock with air quality tester is the latest craze

Air Quality Tester Alarm Clock_1

This is the age of multi-functional technologies and devices that include everything from do-it-all smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs, printers, HDTVs, refrigerators that are also air purifiers, even radios that double as lanterns…..phew!! So if you have a few extra dollars to spend, 45 to be exact, consider buying a versatile alarm clock from Brando Workshop that is equipped with air quality tester plus temperature and humidity sensor.

So far as the functions of an alarm clock are concerned, this product has two alarm settings along with snooze option. Time can be displayed in either 12 or 24 hours format. Several controls such as mode, alarm warning, set, up, snooze and down are provided at the top face of the clock.

Air Quality Tester Alarm Clock_2

Now coming to its additional uses, the alarm clock can record and display indoor temperature and humidity. More importantly though, the clock is fitted with sensors that can note the air quality level( i.e., Excellent, Good, Moderate or Bad)  inside the house. This feature, which may apparently look futile, can indeed prove to be useful in detecting health issues related to poor air quality.

The alarm clock is powered by a USB cord or 3 AA batteries. It is cuboidal in shape, approximately 215x98x53 mm in dimensions, and weighs about 345g. The glossy black finish gives it a sleek and trendy appearance. A USB Power Cable is provided with the clock.

Air Quality Tester Alarm Clock_3 Air Quality Tester Alarm Clock_4

This multipurpose Air Quality Tester Alarm Clock is currently being sold for 45$ at Brando Workshop.

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