Amateur inventor designs quirky Toothbrush Hat that will do the brushing for you

Feeling especially lazy this morning? Thanks to 19 year-old Sam Hunter Baxter, we now have a magic hat that will actually brush your teeth for you. Sceptical, are you? Well don’t worry, this crazy gadget idea has not only been validated by a panel of highly-qualified inventors, but has also won the impressive $16632 cash prize of the Odd Invention Challenge.£10,000 toothbrush hat invention_2

The whizz-kid of Tenby, Pembrokeshire, is currently enrolled as a music student in Bristol University. He claims to have got the Toothbrush Top hat idea one day while idly musing about the unnecessary amount of time spent on morning toilette. The fact that an average person spends total 75 days of his/her life on such an unremarkable chore as tooth brushing is indeed quite unsettling.

This ingeniously smart toiletry item is made up of a mechanized top hat, complete with separate toothbrush and toothpaste holders. Its objective, according to the inventor, is to assist us in managing time more productively. The unique “hands-free tooth brushing experience” allows the wearer to either snooze a while longer or actually do something substantial with the extra time.

The Toothbrush Hat has, in fact, won the lucrative first prize of the London-based Odd Invention Challenge, after beating the 300 odd entries. Sponsored by drinks company Oddka, this amateur talent competition looks for outstanding gadget ideas, that are at the same time innovatively quirky.

£10,000 toothbrush hat invention_1

Some of the other deserving contenders include high heels equipped with integrated key storage facility, cool beard-shaped razor and Umbrelloo – an incredible umbrella that transforms into a portable toilet cubicle. After the initial public voting process, a team of inventors and scientists chose the automated Toothbrush Hat as the best. The organizers will soon turn this crazy toothbrush idea into a real, functional gadget.

Via: Western Telegraph

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