Hexagon modular furniture can be arranged into a myriad of functional forms

Hexagon modular furniture by Roger Zambrano_1

When it comes to shapes, the hexagon is seen as a ‘collective’ form with multi-faceted access to all the major six directions prescribed in practical situations, like North, North-East, South East and so forth. The Hexagon modular furniture designed by Roger Zambrano takes advantage of this accessible form to adapt to a slew of functional scenarios.

Hexagon modular furniture by Roger Zambrano_2

Comprising of two types of components – the rectangular coated plywood panels and the tiny plastic nodes that hold them; the entire shelving system is self-reliant in its artist embodiment. In fact, the hexagonal credential of the furniture allows it to evenly distribute the loads (of the higher placed sections) in all directions, thus maintaining the integrity of the structure.

Hexagon modular furniture by Roger Zambrano_3

With the visual scope in perspective, the plywood panels serve as the aesthetic focus of the Hexagon shelving system. But it is the inconspicuous plastic nodes (manufactured by injection molding) that securely hold on the rectangular shelves. This structural ‘network’ is crafted in special manner where the nodes can be screwed into the cylindrical pre-cut holes of the plywood at exactly 120 degrees.

Hexagon modular furniture by Roger Zambrano_4

This fascinating modular ambit translates to a myriad of different kinds of forms that can be easily arranged by the user. For example, the intrinsic adjustability allows the Hexagon to be transformed into a small side table with storage, or even a sculptural/functional decor item within the living room. However, we would surely prefer a grandiose assembly of a whole wall-encompassing library bookshelf for our guests to gawk at.

Hexagon modular furniture by Roger Zambrano_5

Lastly, coming to the practical scheme of things, the plywood pieces can be dismantled in a breezy manner and then safely tucked away in your storage room. This improved level of flexibility should play its crucial part alongside our ever evolving living room decor.

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