Andrea Air Purifier utilizes natural plant to filter your room’s air

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Modern day air purifiers tend to be hefty contraptions with synthetic carbon-based absorbents and catalysts. But how about an air filtering contrivance that goes ‘back to the basics’, by employing the naturally occurring purifying power of plants? Well, that is exactly what the Andrea Air Purifier can boast of with its fascinating incorporation of living plants and advanced technology.

So, basically the internal system of the air purifier comprises of a dedicated plant specimen that helps in the cleaning and oxygenation process of your home’s environment. The filter is depended on this natural system, with the plant’s organic metabolic tendencies determining the level of purification.Andrea Air Purifier_2

Consequently, the working scope of the Andrea Air Purifier entails – a dual system of quiet fans blowing air into the internally housed plant; one fan blows air through the leaves, while the other helps in absorbing air via the soil.

The combined effect allows the plant to more actively metabolize the various toxins (like formaldehyde) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the room’s air. It should be noted that roots have better capacity (than leaves) to mutate such toxic particles, and as result – the soil layer acts as a veritable filter.

Additionally, the purifier houses a tray of water beneath the living plant system. This further aids in supplying the much needed moisture to the plant, while also trapping the excess toxins that have escaped the plant. The air that has passed through this entire level of organic purification is finally recirculated into the room.

The effectiveness of the process can be verified by the technology’s developmental history of more than 30 years. In fact, according to the designers involved, the ambit is a whopping 44 times more efficient than HEPA and carbon-based absorbents, and 10 times more faster that just a house plant.

As for us regular consumers, the good news is – the Andrea Air Purifier is available for retailing. You can pick one up at this Amazon link, by paying a price of $224.

Other buying links can be found at the product’s home page.

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