Arcadia the Spirit Shelter – A personalized outdoor habitation unit for a single person

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There are some architectural designs that are tailored to specific functions and circulations defined by conventions. And, then there are a few architectural designs that are defined by the users themselves in accordance with their preference, behavior and even mood. ‘Arcadia the Spirit Shelter’ (from Studio allergutendinge) surely belongs to the rarer second category, with its host of customizable features that caters to your personal side of usage.

In terms of user-oriented furnishings, Arcadia the Spirit Shelter comes with a loft-bed, small dining table and additional storage spaces. And as we can make out from the compact credentials of the structure, the entire living space is suited for a single person. In fact, the bare-bones design prides itself on the personalized focus – which hints at a flexible space for great outings on the weekends with only ‘oneself’ to have for the secluded, meditative company.

This flexibility of usage pattern also translates to practical attributes of the outdoor habitation unit. For example, the whole structure can be easily assembled and disassembled, be it in the remote lap of nature or in your relatively serene backyard. The minimalist bedecking complements this adjustable scope, with the compilation of naturally finished wood that is painted white for the unit’s outer-skin.

All of these simple features are finally amplified with the integration of a special skylight/window on the ‘top floor’. This open-ended elevation alludes to the oneness of the human spirit and the surrounding nature, with the actual man-made structure taking a relegated second seat in the grander scheme of things.

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