Star Wars-themed pillows with incredible polygonal-art renderings

Polygon Star Wars character cushion covers_1

Pillows, geeky stuff and pillows with geeky stuff have always belonged to our sphere of interest. And this time around, the force is with our excitement, in the form of pillows with Star Wars characters rendered in incredible polygonal-art.

The honor list includes some exalted names like Master Yoda, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, R2D2 and of course the ever-ominous Darth Vader; all achieved deftly within the confines of the comfortable cushions. And, the really enticing part relates to the unique polygonal-art forms that sort of initiate a retro as well as abstract vibe for the pillow pieces.

Now if you are sufficiently impressed, you can actually go ahead and buy the custom-sized cushions for a price range of $34-$42 (as per size), courtesy of Etsy shop The Retro Inc. As for rest of us, do give fuel to your geeky senses by gleefully gawking at the images.

Polygon Star Wars character cushion covers_2 Polygon Star Wars character cushion covers_3 Polygon Star Wars character cushion covers_4

Via: BoingBoing

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