AURA: The wireless Christmas lights for the ages

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The modern-day scope of Christmas tree decorations do entail the inclusion of sparkling lights. But to achieve that visual glory, one has to go through a lot of cumbersome steps, including managing the convoluted paraphernalia of wires, cords and power outlets. Fortunately, the aptly christened AURA solves your lighting woes with a single stroke – by virtue of its completely wireless credential.

Touted as the ‘first ever wirelessly powered Christmas light’, an AURA set comprises of LED bulbs that can be directly controlled from your smartphone. Now, you may ask – how do these bulbs receive their charge? Well, the answer lies in the special yet inconspicuous power ring that can be attached to your tree or kept at its base. This nifty device has the wondrous ability to charge over 100 wireless lights within its substantial range of 5 ft.

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In essence, you can keep this ring hidden inside tree (or along the base), and plug it to a power outlet. Then you can proceed to embellish the tree foliage with wireless bulbs in any manner your prefer.

These lights come in various finishes, including Clear Glass, Crackled Glass the fan-favorite Frosted Glass. And, the best part is – the power ring doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, since the contraption is pretty effectively camouflaged with a forest green hue that matches with the color of the tree.

Lastly, the AURA power ring also comes with its essential WiFi connectivity. This in turn allows you to regulate the lights on a remote basis via a dedicated app that is tailored to iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. In other words, you can not only control the activation of the lights, but also remotely handle their customized schedules and timer on-the-go.

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So in case, you are enticed by the wireless attributes of the AURA, you will be happy to know that the light set additionally boast of an extended lifetime of over 20 years. The product is currently being crowd funded in Kickstarter, with early bird specials starting from $65.

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