Lizard Desk: A glorious DIY contrivance combining both a table and a case mod

DIY Lizard Desk_1

Elegant, naturalistic yet groovy – the Lizard Desk touches upon many of the finer points of DIY design, courtesy of modder Awadon who hails from Lodz, Poland. The first thing that comes to our mind is the furniture’s perceived state of ‘organic’ sturdiness, which is derived from solid oak panels for both the top and the extended support. This is complemented on the intricate level with the inclusion of beech wood for the details – like the eponymous lizard carved on the main support leg.

As we mentioned before, the Lizard Desk doubles up a case mod, with the CPU integrated into the robust structure itself (accessible from a right-side edge drawer). On closer inspection, one can make out the retractable keyboard tray along the center, and the USB and audio ports on the front-right side of the top.

Accompanying these user-oriented features is a nifty little docking station that can gleefully charge your mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the hip factor is further notched up with the inclusion of LED strips on the front side.

Unfortunately, the old (though effective) Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor that is incorporated inside the case mod doesn’t really match up with the glorious visual ambit of the workstation’s exterior. Of course, given this is an incredible DIY built, it is the craftsmanship that matters, not the expendable hardware.

DIY Lizard Desk_2

DIY Lizard Desk_3

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