AwoX’s StriimLight combines a LED bulb and a music speaker

AwoX Bluetooth streaming LED bulb and speaker_1

LEDs have surely paved the way for the future when it comes to energy efficient lighting. But what if your energy saving LED lamp also played your favorite music? Sounds crazy and cool at the same time? Well, in a remarkable turn of events, AwoX has made it possible with their ingeniously designed StriimLight (SL-B10).

Striimlight has been envisaged a self-contained, wireless unit that combines a LED bulb with a Bluetooth speaker mechanism. The working scope is pretty easy – you just have to fix the light on any standard electrical lamp outlet, and let it shine. As for its musical credentials, you can use the ‘play to’ feature in your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or laptop for the groovy notes to hit your party.

This simple yet utter innovative fusion of light and music does tickle our geeky senses. However, beyond the ambit of multi-purpose advantages, the Striimlight design does showcase a uniquely effective aesthetic factor. In this regard, we are impressed with the LED band on the top section that deftly highlights the speaker, which is one of the major features of the product.

Finally, in terms of specs, the 110-240 volt LED bulb is rated at 40 watts, while the built-in speaker (with a range of 200Hz-20KHz) is rated at 10 watts. The scope is also improved on the usability level with the inclusion of a separate remote control for regulating both the light intensity and the sound volume.

For buying details, please refer to the product homepage.

Via: DigitalTrends

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