Bioo Lite plant pot uses photosynthesis to charge your smartphone

bioo lite plant pot-1

While there are many portable solar-powered charging docks for smartphones and other electronic devices, direct sunlight is not available every time you need a charge. To solve the problem, Barcelona-based Arkyne Technologies has come up with a unique way to generate electricity through green plants, using its Bioo Lite plant pot. This green energy gadget comes with a USB port in form of a rock that easily fits into the plant’s pot.

Bioo Lite is able to make use of natural process of photosynthesis for fueling up smartphone. The built-in USB is able to utilize automated irrigation system, water purification system, as well as biological nanowires to create electricity that can further be used to charge electronic devices.

To use the energy-efficient plant pot, the user simply needs to add plant inside the pot, add sufficient water, and plug it in to get enough power through biological battery that’s integrated within the pot’s base. As the plant starts the natural photosynthesis process, certain amount of energy is produced that’s converted into electricity via biological nanowires.

All thanks to its 5V 1A USP charging port, the plant pot is able to deliver up to three smartphone charges per day or night. Due to this unique charging approach, Bioo Lite has already surpassed its initial crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo. For €99 (approx. US $112), you can preorder this green charging dock to keep your phones fueled up all the time.

Via: Ubergizmo

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