British authorities find a loo arrangement inside a kitchen!

House in Cambridge has loo in the kitchen
House in Cambridge has loo in the kitchen

Desperation for living quarters once again rears its ugly head in the realm of urban habitation. As the above picture shows, a ‘house’ in Cambridge has a lavatory arrangement inside a kitchen. This disgustingly unsanitary set-up was found by planning authorities when they investigated some outbuildings. Their suspicions were obviously well founded, as the interior clearly infringes upon the local habitation laws.

Landlord Tony Waite maintains that it was only a ‘temporary measure’, with separate rooms being still in construction process for the student residents. However, housing conditions in the area have already had their fair share of societal controversies.

One of such issues emerges from the unethical renting of garden sheds as living solutions to low paid immigrants. The situation has become even more desperate with astronomical costs of real estate and properties, along with subsequent increase of migrations from Eastern European countries.

As for the situation at hand, the trouble started when Tony Waite constructed a back garden chalet bungalow on the site of an old garage. So, when the authorities found this out, they warned Waite of an enforcement action. The landlord responded by removing the kitchen section, and then placing it inside a close-by outbuilding which was already furnished with a toilet.

The outbuilding was then rented to tenants, with the promise of the kitchen being just a temporary solution. Of course, the authorities have already laid down their intention of breaking down the entire bungalow after finding out the unsanitary conditions. Councilor Sarah Brown has actually gone on record to say –

I have never seen anything like that in three-and-a-half years of evaluating planning applications and I hope it is a one-off.

Nevertheless, Waite is planning on appealing against the ruling. And, his supposed cause is – he won’t let his tenants be homeless.

Loo in the kitchen in this brick out building
Loo in the kitchen in this brick out building

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