Budweiser’s Buddy Cup allows you to make Facebook friends by just toasting!

Budweiser it seems has taken social interaction to a whole new level. The American beer company has initiated what might be the first endeavor to combine ‘old school’ socializing achieved through drinking and our ‘cyber age’ socializing via social networks. The company’s Brazilian arm has unveiled the Buddy Cup, which allows two people to be ‘friends’ on Facebook once they clink their beer glasses for a toast.Budweiser Buddy Cup_1

How does that work – you ask? Well, each of the cups are paired with a Facebook account by using a QR code (which is printed on their bottom side). So, once you have clinked your cup with your drinking buddy, there will be an activation of a red LED that confirms your Facebook friendship.

Now, of course, many of us would feel a bit weird, if our drinking festivities turned out in some other person’s Facebook wall. However, from the commercial perspective, it may just be a ploy for more Budweiser brand recognition through social networking. In fact, many sources already claim this venture to be a high-tech catalyst for more interaction between Budweiser consumers.

Via: TheVerge

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